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These are my thoughts, yo.

My Biggest Loser Casting Call Experience

jasmine banks

I just walked into my hotel room from the The Biggest Loser casting call in Kansas City, Kansas. I drove 4 hours to chat with a casting director (I got Ashley) for a couple of minutes. We were told that we will hear something by midnight. I am super nervous. SUuuuUUUUper nervous. Either way, I have started making better choices for my body and have a game plan to make healthy changes. What I was most impressed with during the group interview was the kindness that Ashley showed to each person. It would be an easy thing, if you worked in casting, to coldly go through the motions and then just eject person after person from the interview seat. Instead of that scenario, we were greated with a kind and warm smile and a welcome. Ashley encouraged each person as they told their story.

It never ceases to amaze me that what it always comes down to is the power of someone's story. This fact can be for the best or for the worst. The stories we tell ourselves shape who we will be and who we can become. If you story is that you can't do anything, you always fail, and you are horrible... it stands to reason that one of the major themes of your life might be failure. I am making the effort to change the stories I tell myself.

Today I listened as a beautiful woman talked about struggling with Diabetes, another woman talked about setting an example for her family, and a man talked about aligning what he preaches with how he lives. Mo, a wonderfully kind-natured gentlemen I met on Twitter, and I got to hang out and get to know each other well.  He offered me to go with him, since he had a V.I.P pass. We had breakfast before the casting and he is one cool cat! I think the casting team should pick us to be partners. He is so gentle, determined, and funny.  We are like yin and yang! But we also have a lot in common: brown skin, diverse ethnic backgrounds, and more than our fair share of opinions!

I digress.

Each story was important and valuable.

My story is about changing a legacy. My mom was a single mother who lived on welfare. She lacked the education to truly help my brother and I understand the importance of fitness and nutrition. I learned to overeat, eat to celebrate, eat to mourn, eat to entertain, and eat what is fastest and most available from her. As a college student my fascination with food led me to books about whole foods, nutrition, and organic/natural living. Now a mother of three, I teach my children about the importance of growing your own food, farmer's markets, and eating well. I teach them about respecting their bodies, getting quality rest, and finding movement that is fun....

I teach them... but I don't always show them. When life gets rough and baggage comes to the surface, I easily default to childhood programming. It is what I know- but I know it isn't the best for me. I don't want my legacy to be one of a woman who was overpowered by food. I want my legacy, to my children, to be of a loving mother who taught them and lived out health, happiness, and wellness in front of and with them.

So when they asked me who I wanted to help if I got on the show, I answered that I wanted to help my children first. I wanted to align what I've taught them with how I live in front of them. It is a hard  but worthwhile discipline.

I can't imagine being on the casting team. Those folks have hard jobs. There were so many amazing stories, so much strength, and tons and ton and tons of courage.

Here is to hoping they liked me! I'll be awake till midnight, y'all.