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These are my thoughts, yo.

My Pee Smells Like Maple Syrup: Re-lactation After Formula

jasmine banks

After having to take a med that is dangerous for breastfeeding for two months, I am returning to breastfeeding. I have always breastfed my babies and was really torn about weaning to formula. I tried the med that was prescribed and it made me feel good in the beginning and then soon started making me feel worse. After some soul searching I decided I needed to follow my instincts, stop the med, and resume breastfeeding.


I've been taking Fenugreek (which makes me smell like Maple Syrup) and pumping around the clock. My milk has slowly started coming back. We are having to break Tobias off the bottle and get him motivated to re-latch. NO small task.


No disrespect for folks that choose formula, it just isn't for me.

So. Easter weekend I'll be wearing my sweet boy and slowly re-entering the land of breastfeeding. It'll be a hard transition, but I feel really good about my decision.


Addison has followed my example. She has been pulling up her shirt and breastfeeding her baby LuLu.