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These are my thoughts, yo.

Nudist Annoucement: Momma is Pregnant with Tobias!!

jasmine banks

Have I ever told ya'll that I am an awesome Daughter-in-law? I am... after a brief stint of thinking each other were bat shit crazy, my MIL and I decided to put down our homemade prison style shivs and give hugs. I like her now (and then too). A tradition that I started with Isaiah, and GOD HELP ME will end with THIS pregnancy (since there will be no more), was telling our Guppy (what Isaiah calls Connie) that we were pregnant in fun ways. This time I had Isaiah tell Guppy. Unfortunately the kid doesn't like clothes. All of our pictures end up from the waist up- otherwise, brown kid penis would be scattered across our family memories. Check out how cute we are. I go the extra mile to make up for the fact that when she gets old and senile I am going to toss all those damn paper plate angels Garrett made in kindergarten that she STILL decorates with! ;)

And that is how we announced Tobias!!