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These are my thoughts, yo.

Oh Nah Nah Whats My Name?

jasmine banks was/is a stinkin' awesome name. Alas, it was the name of the blog when Sadie was also blogging with me. You know


I know... try not to have your head explode from clever awesomeness.

But since Sadie has taken to journaling about her life instead of social voyeurism blogging, I am left with "BRO" and no "kins". A name change is in order.

I don't want to have a name that is a "mommyblogger" name. I mean, I am a mommy and I blog, but these days I take The Six Year Itch approach to "mommyblogging".

I want a name that says, "here is Jasmine's blog... she writes about awesome shit."  I've seen other bloggers change their blog names to something that was more fitting, as their lives transitioned. Some did it awesome and the change was seamless and others faded from memory.

I want this to be a way of moving my blog into a new phase of life. One where I am writing professionally, enjoy myself as a creative individual, and ranting about Morgan Freeman.

I need help thinking up names for this here bloggy. I'll compile all the names you come up with and pick the most three I like. I'll choose one of the three at random (or totally rig it and just say I randomly chose the one I really liked best all along...because that is the way I roll.)  THEN I'll unveil my overhauled blog look out with a new sparkly header and a gift card giveaway as a way to thank you for your help.

To be eligible for the 50$ visa gift card giveaway you must leave a comment suggesting a new name for the blog.

I want a name that will go with me no matter what transitions I go through, isn't already taken, and fits my personality. Sadly, is already taken.

Thanks for your help peeps! I am looking forward to hearing the suggestions!



Congrats to Emmi for WINNING the 50$ Visa card for helping rename this blog!