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P Dub Cookbook Giveaway: The Pioneer Woman is my Homegirl!


These are my thoughts, yo.

P Dub Cookbook Giveaway: The Pioneer Woman is my Homegirl!

jasmine banks


The first time I learned of "The Pioneer Woman" I was sipping coffee with my friend.  "So the gift card I won from The Pioneer Woman's site bought our Christmas this year." I responded with "who in the HELL is The Pioneer Woman?" "Wait," my friend exclaimed, "you are a blogger and you don't know Ree Drummond?!" She explained to me who Ree was, what a "Pioneer Woman" was and why everyone loved her. I was totally underwhelmed. I am so not country strong, y'all. I also have a fear of gingers that I am rehabilitating. I shrugged off Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. It wasn't until I saw one of my favorite bloggers talking to her on twitter that I was curious enough to visit her site.

I typed in the URL and was all:

"NOoooooooooooo *inhale* NOooooooooooooo!"

I loved it. A couple of months passed and I found myself head over heels for her writing voice and how witty she is. Like transitioned to love and I'll be damned if I wasn't all: "I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT MY LIFE BECAUSE WHY DON'T I LIVE ON A RANCH AND WHY DOES HER HAIR CURL SO MAGICALLY!"

It is not that Ree wasn't awesome the whole time… I just like to reject things people like until I decide it was my idea all along to like whatever thing was suggested. I. know.

I am in therapy.

I started interacting with Ree on Twitter until I was able to meet her while working AimingLow's NonCon. We played truth or dare in a shabby bar in Georgia. We laughed and ate olives and traded truths and laughed some more. More than being starstruck I was blown away at how gracious and down to Earth she is. Her kindness and attentiveness to each person who asks for her attention is amazing. She cares about people, which makes her success all of our success… because A DECENT HUMAN BEING IS WINNING, PEOPLE! WE NEED TO CHEER HER ON!

Ree sent me a signed copy of her new cookbook.! In Ree Drummond fashion, she has also given me THREE copies of the cookbook for my readers to win and fall in love with.

Pioneer Woman Cooks


I am only giving away two.  My friend Holly, whom I refer to as P Dub über fan, found out that I know Ree. She LITERALLY asked me how Ree smelled with a wild look in her eyes. She almost cried when I told her I got a cookbook from Ree. Sooooo I am gonna give Holly the third one. When someone loves another person so much that they don't ask what they are like in real life- but ask what the person smells like you know you are in the presences of an über fan.

Enter to win a signed copy for you or a loved one in the Rafflecopter below!


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