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These are my thoughts, yo.

Procrastinating Until Perfection

jasmine banks

I am supposed to be writing an article for my column right now. Today was the deadline. I have a paper due, tomorrow, on Addiction and Recovery.

I haven't done either... because I like to live dangerously on the edge. I have mainly tried to relax and do nothing because I have been so anxious since the car wreck where I almost died (hyperbole, ya'll) that I haven't really tried to stress myself out much. So I mainly THINK about what I SHOULD be doing to avoid stress... the technique is working, thus far. I am sure I will soon realize how much I really need to get done and be all, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I AM SO OVERWHELMED..." That is when you can remind me that I was practicing my counterproductive zen approach of doing nothing stress full until it piles up and becomes to stressful. I know, I just got all "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." You'll be trying to get figure me out for the rest of your lives (Pssh. As if I am that important)

As far as my body goes, my neck is feeling MUCH better and my abdomen isn't as hurty. MY anxiety level, I have PTSD, is through the roof and I am jumpy... I am sure it will level out soon enough. It better... I swear I will bring out the Vodka and Tobias and I will get sloshed.

This post has no real point. Just an update for friends and family to know I am still doing okay, still zingy, and still "snarky"

Still Jasmine. Unapologetically.

Okay. I suppose I will move my thoughts to all things PEEKABO. Have you checked out the site? If not... you SHOULD Check my Kids&Culture Column :)