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Project Totus and Binge Eating: Be Intuitive Be Whole


These are my thoughts, yo.

Project Totus and Binge Eating: Be Intuitive Be Whole

jasmine banks


It was all Summer-y and sunny and exciting-y (kidding!) when I started Project Totus. I wanted to tackle my binge eating behaviors and learn to eat intuitively. I was doing so good focusing and working hard, as most do when something is shiny and new. Since Project Totus started I lost weigh simply by loving my body and eating foods I enjoy, learned to love bike riding, and even took up yoga! Then

Winter came and holidays and old stressors, eating patterns, and patterns of belief... they all slowly crept in and I gave up. "It is too cold to ride my bike! I hate the cold!" I would whine. "It is the Holiday season! I want to relax," I reasoned. While these two things are so true, some journal reflection reminded me of my deep and undeniable need to care for myself well.  As Kwanzaa is coming to a close and the new year is upon us I find myself struggling with the same illusion that millions of other individuals do. I ask myself, "maybe I should go on a diet? Maybe I should make a weight loss plan. Look at how much weight I have gained... ugh."


I remember that I took a pledge for myself and for the community of women and men who have struggled to be healthy at every size.  So today I woke up and did the things I know to do to take back power and care for myself. It didn't involve a diet After all, binge eating is not fixed by dieting and it is not about being weak willed. Binge eating is about self care issues and power. I am drinking a cup of herbal tea while I type this... a baby step toward slowing down and being aware of what I am putting in my body. I am also reframing my "relapse" as just another opportunity to get to know myself better.

There are no failures on the road of intuitive eating and self care... just milestones that help us understand our inner voices and needs better

Today in honor of me "getting back on track", is giving away two things that work for us. Sadie uses guided mediation as do I. We have both found that taking time to meditate gives us an inner reserve of strength to slow down and be present in our own lives. SO giveaway #1

8 Meditations for Optimum Health: Andrew Weil Guided Meditation CD

I use this cd to help me stay centered and also to relax. It is an amazing tool on the road to self care. 

Giveaway #2  Eating the Moment by Pavel G. Somov

This book contains wonderful mindful exercises for meal times and otherwise. I have used to to learn to recognize hunger and emotional signals. It is a great find!

The winner will receive both items  mailed to their homes via

To enter our giveaway tell us one thing you are going to do in the New Year to take care of yourself! Please feel free to email me privately if you'd like to enter the giveaway but would not like to do so publicly. Struggling with food issues can be a difficult thing to admit to others and I respect that some people aren't ready to be as open on their journey. jasmine at thebrokins dot com (

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So here is to me starting again, again, and again. Remembering that loving myself, caring for myself, and having a healthy relationship with my body and food means going forward- backward-sitting down- and sometimes even sprinting toward my goal.

Be well friends!