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Project Totus: Eating the Moment


These are my thoughts, yo.

Project Totus: Eating the Moment

jasmine banks


Although the six weeks of strictly vegan/vegetarian living is over, I have continued Project Totus , as you know. Though I can see myself living easily as a vegetarian, I reincorporated meat into my diet because, to be honest, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't eliminating a whole food group as a part of my Bulimic cycle. The good news is, no... it had nothing to do with old Bulimic tendencies- and I see myself headed toward vegetarianism because it overall made me feel better.  

I have been using several resources for mindful eating. I wanted to share a few with you, and soon I'll host a mindful eating giveaway. The first tool in my arsenal of conscious/mindful eating is "Eating the Moment" by Pavel G. Somov, PH.D. This book has 141 wonderful mindful practices to help 'overcome overeating one meal at a time.' I have refused to restrict, to label food as bad or good, and instead have embraced listening to my body. Results are still happening- but they are happening slowly and naturally. Moreover, I am finding the real hungers I have... which coincidently usually are not food hungers.


I am learning to love myself at every size. More than losing the weight, loving myself has been the most beautiful gift of this journey!







How are you loving yourselves today, friends?