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These are my thoughts, yo.

#shitmykidsays about love

jasmine banks

I've been wresting with the idea of love lately. So I asked my kids about it. Here is what they said: Me: So what happens when you are in love?

Isaiah: "It seems like there is a lot of humping involved in love, sometimes.Like in movies and everything. When you are in love you watch out for the person and you want to kiss them too. Can kids be in love?"

Me: I think so, maybe, but I don't know for sure.

Isaiah: "You don't have to know. I am in love with stuff and people, but mostly people. Unless you count every Pokemon card, then I am in love with a LOT OF STUFF."

Me: Addy, what do you think love is?

Addy: "I think it is when you'll take good care of your people, and you want to be with them, but not all the time if you need space. But they won't be mad if you need space because they know you are always in their heart."

Me: That is a really good answer.

Addy: "I know because I am smart. Smarter than Tobias."

Isaiah: "I have an answer! I think love is like a magic. Like in Harry Potters. In the movie they do stuff with their wands and you can't see how it does it. But you just know it works. I think about love like that."

Addy: "You say the weirdest things!"

Isaiah: "NO YOU DO."

Me: So how will you know when someone loves you?

Addy: "When they are respectful."

Me: How do you know I love you, Addy?

Addy: "Because you take care of me, and when you hurt my feelings you say you are sorry and sometimes when I don't tell you the truth you say you understand."

Me: So I show you I love you but telling you I understand?

Isaiah: "I know you love me because you gave birth to me first. You also breastfed me, even when I would bite your nipples. I don't remember doing that because I was a baby, but you said that once. Also, I always know you'll come back for me, always. Love is like when you are on the same team and you work together. I don't think I am ready to be in love with, like, a person that is not a kid because I don't want to have sex yet. It just seems gross."


Isaiah: "Then just leave the room because we are having an adult conversation."