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These are my thoughts, yo.

#ShitMyKidSays Back to School Edition

jasmine banks

"It is really hard to fart in a classroom of people." -Addison "I've been explaining to my friends ALL WEEK that boys can like purses too. These boys don't know things they should know." -Isaiah

Me: Tobias, did you like school?

Tobias: "I liked the raisins... does that count?"

"All these kids just have opinions and I just got eye rolling."- Isaiah

Isaiah: "Maybe you should stop being so you and people wouldn't want to hit you, Addison."

Addison: "Maybe your face should stop!"

Tobias: "Pooping my pants at school is a really bad idea."

"I was really just sitting there praying for recess, like the WHOLE time the teacher was talking. She has so much to say."