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Siloam Springs, Arkansas


These are my thoughts, yo.

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

jasmine banks


I moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to attend college. That proved the most ignorant and wise choice, all at the same time. Garrett moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to be close to me. We were 20 years old... We fell in love

We married

Had babies

Bought a home

Grew up


Seperated and almost got divorced

Kept it together

Learned to love again


We went on a family walk the other day. As I walked around I felt unsually emotional. We are moving soon and I had not stopped to consider what Siloam Springs, Arkansas has been to me. We've realized, recently, that we've outgrown Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Our family can't thrive in this town. Not anymore. And while we are excited to move and say goodbye, my heart still aches. I get attached to places. This was our first home together. Our first "us" where we realized we were too young to be married, to raise kids, or have a mortgage. This was the place that we figured it out- one utter failure at a time. We are *still* figuring it out... but with a renewed commitment to transparent with one another, even when it hurts. So I will miss Siloam Springs, Arkansas for what is was to us both good and bad.