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These are my thoughts, yo.

Social Media Bad Manners

jasmine banks

My friend Jackie Wolven over at mentioned something earlier today (on Twitter or Facebook or something) about death and dying and how she just really isn't interested in hearing about the death of someone via social media. I can't blame her. I wouldn't want to either. It got me thinking about how interesting social media has become and how crazy people can be with it. How do you behave online? I mean, your online voice is either a megaphone or a mask... and sometimes our bad manners get amplified. I think it is just plain ole Social Media Bad Manners to announce someone's death online... BUT what do you do when someone announces your Grandma's death and she isn't even dead yet????!!!!!  SO right after I read Jackie's well placed comment I meanered upon THIS little gem:

HERE is a screenshot of what I read this evening, via Facebook.


Um. I don't have words. Except maybe.... oopsy!