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Someone Else's Project Totus


These are my thoughts, yo.

Someone Else's Project Totus

jasmine banks


I met Erin Young several years back. I was new to our local Coop. I walked around marveled by all of the organic products I didn't know existed. Erin worked at the counter by the bulk herbs. I immediately laughed at her. She had messy frizzy dreads and gauged ears. I have always found people, white people, with dreadlocks funny. Something about how their hair never really takes to the locks well, I guess. Erin and I formed a realtionship that was based on my trips to the grocery store and not much further than that. I was always so appreciative of her kindness and helpfulness. Erin moved away so her husband could go to culinary school and I kept up with my favorite Ozark Natural Foods employee through Facebook. Ah... ye old Facebook- where you can stalk almost anyone. I have watched (and cheered) as Erin has tried to begin a career in midwifery. As it turns out, she has tried many times and not been so successful because of life and financial hardships. When I started Project Totus, I understood it was something more than me. People around me where struggling to be whole, to live congruently, and listen to their inner selves.

On October 3rd, Erin posted this to her Facebook:

I know what is like to stand on the edge of a dream and not have it happen because of something like money. I know what it is like to feel so prepared to take flight but be grounded by something beyond your circumstance. I won't bog you down with emotional appeals of what Erin has gone through in her life to make her worthy of fulfilling her dream. The simple fact of the matter is that Erin knows what she was meant to do in life and she needs a community of people to help her fulfill that goal. Period.

You know what is it like to want something that seems so out of reach...just as I do.

I had to assemble a support team to face my eating issues. I had to lean on people and call people and complain to people. IF those people had not of helped me, I know the process of  achieving my dream would have been a very hard dream to accomplish. I don't believe I could have done it alone. We are hardwired for community. I needed the love and support of others, as much as I'd like to pretend that I didn't.

Sometimes support looks like a tweet that says: "Jasmine you can do it, I believe in you. And sometimes support looks like a few dollars or a cup of coffee.

7,000 dollars is not enough to keep someone from a dream! So I am introducing Erin's Project Totus. I am asking you to repost about her, Project Totus, and the belief that we should help each other on your blogs and on Twitter. I am asking you to click the PayPal donation on the side of my blog and donate to help fund Erin's education.  1 dollar or 7,000 dollars is good enough. This is her dream and I think a silly little thing like money shouldn't stop her from doing it. Will you help? MY goal is to raise enough money for her first semester's tuition. The donations are NOT tax deductible. They will go straight to Erin's PayPal account so that she can funnel the money into her bank account to pay her tuition and entry fees.

I will be posting parts of Erin's journey and how she discovered her calling in the weeks to come. I hope you'll support her in any way you can.