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These are my thoughts, yo.

Supporting Trump is Supporting White Supremacy

jasmine banks

white supremacyI keep thinking about how Trump is an idea. He represents what so many American's believe: something of value was taken from them. The "Make America Great Again" and "Take Back America" folks think that they've lost the values America once had.  This is coded language. Too many folks who aren't enough like them are getting a seat at the table. Trump as a person and as an idea has had immense success because he centers whiteness. He uses fear and anxiety with a platform built on white supremacy. You cannot support Trump without supporting white supremacy.  People want to talk about taking back something as if the entire thing still doesn't wholly and unequivocally belong to them. The house was build for White America and White America has the deed. Privilege allows White America to claim something was taken from them while still waving the papers in the faces of Black people and people of color and saying we stole it because we dared be free.