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These are my thoughts, yo.

Surprised By Single Motherhood

jasmine banks

October catapulted me into single motherhood. I can't explain the details. Which is hard, since I am use to being so open. Suffice it to say in a matter of 48 hours I found out I was going to be a single mom. Three kids and just me. How do you prepare so something like that? That is just the thing. It is a fucking surprise so you don't prepare.

I hate surprises, y'all.

The thing is that we all learn to adjust. When you lose a limb, a loved one, a dream… you welcome a new kind of normal. The first week of single motherhood I worried that I would make all those mistakes I saw my mother make. The first step to defusing the bombs of fear and warped expectation is to acknowledge reality. I had to open my eyes wide and take in where me and my children were. I mean this literally and metaphorically. Once I determined the lay of land, so to speak, I felt I could navigate.  I had to stop being occupied about what people would think about this part of our lives.

Only our opinions matter. Me. Addison. Isaiah. Tobias

So I am a single mom. SURPRISE!


Single motherhood is, by far, the worst surprise ever.