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Five Days From Now: Happy Birthday Addison!

jasmine banks


Almost two years ago I was in labor. More prodromal labor...because that is how my uterus rollz.

I had experienced prodromal labor for almost a week at this point and I was done. My midwife was all, "Heeey... lets try some box flower tincture to relax, we can do this..." and I was all, "Um! By *WE* I think you are referring to ME and ME is gonna find some Pitocin. STAT!"

I know, I know. It wasn't very Earth Mamma. I was DONE. My body was tired. I was emotionally tapped out.

It is hard to believe that Addison Roxanna Brown is almost two. I am in awe of her, her curls, her dimples, and her sass. She is FULL of sass- as you'd expect any child that I birthed to be.

This year we are choosing to celebrate by going to Waterfalls & Wildflower Weekend with Ozark Natural Science Center. We will strap Addy into the Ergo and go for a birthday hike. Totally crunchy, I know, and totally awesome. What a better way to celebrate a life coming into existence than being in nature!  Addy loves riding in her ergo.

I first learned about this amazing place during  the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference, and I instantly fell in love.  Just like I fell in love the first time I saw Addison. She was so tiny, only 5 pounds 6 ounces. She had jet black hair and lovely olive skin. She has grown into a very independent and hilarious two year old. She already knows how to roll her eyes and frequently requests I listen to Joan Jet in the car. I just know life at 16 is going to be horrific. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll break her spirit by then....

Just kidding.


Kind of.

So in five days I will be saying Happy Birthday to my sweet Addison.

Oh how times flies.