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Worm Compost Bin: Earth Friendly Family Projects

jasmine banks

I want to show you an Earth Friendly Family Project that I think anyone can do- but first, an aside* I know lately around here we've had a lot of heavy grown up discussions. The thought still lingers on how I could "one up" myself with the posts following such confessions. The reality is that this blog is as much of a reflection of my life as anything else. It is accurate in that it portrays ALL aspects of my life. From confessions about marriage struggle, subsequent panic attacks about confessing marital struggle, kids, friends, and the mundane.

So I have to give myself a pep talk when it comes to writing anything after such monumental posts. Like everything else, though, life ebb and flows with high drama, every day things, successes, and failures. I have to resign myself to the fact that not EVERYTHING can be all "woooo hey y'all time to air my dirty laundry."

*Now back to Earth Friendly Family Projects. has a really great, much better than mine, instructional post on creating your own worm compost bin. We have a medium sized garden, and we grow much of our food. Part of gardening is good soil and part of good soil is compost. We decided to try our hand at worm composting, because Isaiah is particularly a fan of creepy crawlies. To create a vermicompost bin, or a bin full of worms that eat your food scraps (for us non-nerds), DO go to Otherwise check out the picture journal below of our Earth Friendly Family Project