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How Noah Became Noelle and Milk-Bone® Puppy Prep Kit #ILoveMyk9

jasmine banks

Before we were married Garrett and I adopted Noelle, our beautiful Australian Shepherd mix. I remember the day we picked her out at Fayetteville Animal Shelter I left and went straight to Wal-Mart. I picked out potty pads, a purple collar, squeaky toys, Milk-Bone® treats, and a fuzzy bed. I was SO excited to get "Noah" my sweet puppy. When Garrett and I arrived to pick up "Noah" the vet tech asked which of the fuzzy orange puppies we had chosen. I quickly pointed and spoke up, "I picked that orange boy in the corner..." The tech looked puzzled. Those puppies are all girls. I guffawed and in my ever self assured and sarcastic way retorted, "Um NO, sir... I looked and I KNOW what boy parts look like." He calmly and smugly grabbed the dog flipped her over and said, "Well ma'am... THOSE are lady parts." I turned Beet red. Grabbed my puppy and stood there in awkward silence. Garrett, being the clever man he is giggled, "well Jazz... I guess Noah is now Noelle." THAT is how Noelle got her name and how we fell in love with our rescue puppy. I trained Noelle with Milk-Bone® crunchy dog treats. Her first trick was to give "high five". During the holiday season it is easy to go out an purchase designer puppies. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. Purebred dogs are awesome in their own right... but there are SO many shelter animals in need of rescue. They need families to love them.  Most shelters have puppies on a regular basis that could use loving homes. This holiday season always gets me thinking about the less fortunate- amongst the less fortunate are shelter animals that need quality forever homes (Have I said that enough yet?!).  In an effort to give back this season and remember those who are less fortunate than us the family and I decided to make a Milk-Bone® Puppy Prep Basket for our local animal shelter.  Check out our adventure and the cute friends we met along the way.


We shopped for all our supplies to make out New Puppy Prep Kit and headed home to make some yummy treats of our own!

 Make sure to check out your local newspaper on December 11 for a money saving coupon on Milk-Bone® Dog Treats.