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FYE or Rather FYL (For Your Limbs)

jasmine banks

So recently I have taken up doing yoga. Yoga has always been something I've wanted to do, wanted to be good at, something I swooned over. But I never did it. Why? I have no idea, just one of those things. But a couple weeks ago I just said, Oh come on now Sadie! Just do it! So I bought a yoga mat and started perusing the internet for good yoga workouts. And after much searching and posing and cobra-ing, I've found a gem. Sadie Nardini, not only does she have an awesome name (ahem) but she's also got some awesome yoga videos. I like the bedtime ones, the back pain ones, but I've been really hooked on this fat burning one. Twenty minutes, works all my squishy parts and makes me feel good to boot.

So I'm doing yoga now. Which totally fits into this weird amalgam of Eastern philosophy and Christianity that floats around in my soul. Totally fits with my yin and yang tattoo (or rather, yin and YAAAAAAWWWNNN as a mullet headed massage therapist once corrected me. Um excuse me sir, you have a mullet and wear Wranglers and pure white Reeboks. Shut up.)

Here's the video if you are interested.