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I Passed IAMBOSSY's Georgia Getz A Love Note

jasmine banks


I was a little cry cry after Blogher so I wasn't able to add all my "I love blogher" images and flotsum to the after conference flood. I wanted to, but my eyes and heart were tired and my brain was all "bitch sit down!" I did write this, which is my best attempts at saying thank you to everyone who held me together.  I am feeling less raw... so I wanted to post about the people I had the chance to spend time with.

I found bossy via Twitter and fell in love with her.

I saw her several times while walking around the conference.

I am never brave enough to walk up to the people I adore. I just like to play it all awkward. Make a random comment about their shoes or something, maybe pass them a note.

Georgia sat next to me in a session. She was about to leave after the session concluded. She got up and started walking away. I blurted, "BOSSY!" She looked around because she didn't know anyone, "Who called her name?" I awkwardly waved and then passed her a NOTE. Yes! I couldn't use my words, like a  big girl... so I wrote her a note. She looked at it confused and walked away.

About a moment later she stormed back in the room. "You've got to be kidding me! Come here! Give me a hug!"

We took a picture and she thanked me and I thanked her. She is unabashedly herself: Bossy. I dig that.

After she walked away. Heidi looked at me. My eyes were wide and I breathed quietly: "I.touched.Bossy."

Heidi broke out in hysterical laughter, "I love how much you love bloggers, she said."

It is true. I really do.

Especially bloggers like Bossy.