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These are my thoughts, yo.

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FYE: Pretty Wings... For Your Enjoyment

jasmine banks

In case you are new around here. Sometimes I become obsessed with something and I decide to share it with you.

Recently, Maxwell's buttery voice has soothed me. The soul. The poetry.

The song itself is pretty painful, but it has this kind of deep groove that still makes you feel good.


Listen to it.

For your enjoyment


Here are some past shares

Things You Should Read on the Internet!!

jasmine banks


You guys, the internets are full of awesome. I mean, they are also full of strange and horrible things... but I tend to believe the awesome outweighs the lack of awesome. It is almost Friday. We've been sick around here, cranky around here, depressed around here, and down right BLAH! It has been a hard week, for realz.


There are still amazing things to be enjoyed!  Here is a list of things I found thought provoking, hilarious, and inspiring this week. Seriously, read these things...they. are.awesome.


Bryson Moore is like the white Morgan Freeman... all wise and shit.


Schmutzie simultaneously makes me believe in love and then get all stabby about being vulnerable about love.


Heidi ponders work/life balance and opens her heart to her readers.


Kristen Howerton sums up my Facebook rant about homelessness and A&F


Postpartum Progress talks about hope and anxiety and basically reads my mind.


Liz from Six Year Itch comes correct (AGAIN!) about the Mother's Day Shooting in Louisiana. 


If you haven't met Princess Monster Truck I can't be your friend!


Purple Thai Sticky Coconut Rice with Mango

jasmine banks


The other day I was schlepping around my food co-op looking for unique ingredients. I am sort of bored with my everyday food stuffs, so I want to start branching out. Cooking new recipes keeps me from heading to the golden arches out of boredom and keeps me in my own kitchen. I love coconut sticky rice. I first discovered Thai Coconut Sticky Rice at my local Thai restaurant. It took one bite for my to fall in love with the complex flavor and the texture. Top it off with some tangy Mango and you have mouth explosion. The good kind of mouth explosion.

I came across PURPLE Thai Sticky Rice and decided it needed to be my newest foodie find. The rice has a purple shell that cracks open and makes the rice a deep purple as it boils.

Thai sticky purple rice

thai sticky purple rice


(Purple) Thai Coconut Sticky Rice



  • 1.5 C Purple Thai Sticky Rice/ or Jasmine or Basmati (you pick)
  • 1 Can Coconut Milk
  • 1/4 C. Sugar
  • 1 Mango (cubed)


  1. Cook rice per brand instructions till tender
  2. Simmer Coconut Milk, cubed mango, and sugar until sugar dissolves
  3. Combine rice and milk mixture and cook until milk evaporates and rice thickens
  4. Allow rice to cool in refrigerator for 1 hour
  5. Serve!
The kids ate this up and I was super excited to add another recipe to our collection.

Coconut Sticky Rice with mango