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These are my thoughts, yo.

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Twerking for Russia: Perspective and Things That ACTUALLY Matter

jasmine banks

Last night I was all, "Heh... everyone is freaking out over Miley Cyrus humping a Teddy Bear." All that is so whatever to me because, 1. performers do crazy shit. 2. omg WHO CARES 3. she is grown 4. RATINGS PEOPLE 5. she is 20 something But today the whole internet exploded with pontification on one side or the other concerning Miley's "behavior". I added to the minutia, because I don't think it is a big deal... and ZOMG CALM DOWN INTERNETS. But then I plugged into the news, read Cecily's post, and felt a deep sense of conviction.

A great so and so said that religion is the great opiate of society, maybe he said that because pop culture wasn't a thing yet. All I know is sometimes I worry we've all become the lotus eaters. Drugged out of our mind distracted by Miley and Cat GIFS to remember that we still have a country to consider. cat gif photo:  210d5d05.gif


We still need to make our voices known about things that matter. Wars are happening and people are suffering and I am steady talking about Miley Cryus' hair, y'all.


I suppose we can't be all "feed the children" 24/7? I am depressed enough without my breaks from life where I bemoan the pain of Candy Crush level 105. WHY WON'T YOU BITCHES GIVE ME AN EXTRA LIFE ALREADY.   Can you imagine if life were a 24/7 Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial? THE IS NOT ENOUGH BEN & JERRY'S IN THE WORLD FOR THAT! Crying gif photo: crying zoey crying.gif


I think we need the balance, right? The mundane or malaise of pop culture to eject us from the tragedy that our world has some really heavy struggles.

So engage the minutia, it can be a needed respite from harsh reality. Just don't get so caught up that we gorge on the lotus and slip into apathy. <- Historical literary reference for the win!

More than Miley is happening in our world, lets not forget that.