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The Power of Awesome and Adventures in Babywearing

jasmine banks

Here is the deal folks: We are all awesome in our own ways. Regardless of what the bullies and mean girls have told you, you rock in a way that is uniquely you. It could be that I had homemade biscuits for breakfast and I am riding a carb high, it could be that I just chatted with a blogger whom I've quietly followed for years, or it could be the amazing support I received after announcing I was considering Biggest Loser auditions. Regardless!

I have been popping around my house with this  friggin' awesome attitude. (It MUST be the biscuits!).  The power of social media has blown my mind the last two days. Mind=Blown. While chatting with Stephanie,  I had this realization. Here I was chatting with the lady who authored a blog that inspired me to buy my first Moby. My family culture is to babywear, but I had never heard of the Moby wrap. Three little people later, here I am a babywearing parent- in large part to her influence. Which made my wheels start turning. I bet there is one person who has read my blog and been influenced.  One person who thought differently because they read something I was honest about.

That is some power.

Social media amplifies our voice to degrees we could otherwise not be able to achieve. I know people like to hate on social media, they say it creates de-personalized personas and limits authenticity since people are able to control the "them" that you see. That is true.

It is ALSO true, though, that social media gives a platform for those of us that are putting our true selves out there. Social media can connect people, educate people, and inspire people. I learned a lesson yesterday. Never doubt the power of your awesome. So read those blogs, tweet, link in, and status update. Social media isn't evil. It is a tool, and like any tool can be used to build good things or bad things.

Now... off to make  my Biggest Loser audition tape. Eek!

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