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Odwalla Champion For Kids Game Day Challenge: Odwalla Ambush {Sponsored}

jasmine banks

I wrote about part 1 of the Odwalla Champion For Kids Simple Service Project that I did with my kiddos. We went to our local Wal-Mart and purchased some athletic equipment to donate to Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter. We gave our items to Sadie, the awesome co-author of this blog, to take the NWA Children's Shelter (her day job!) The balls we purchased will go to kids who are not able to be with their parents due to legal reasons. Isaiah was particularly excited about picking out a basketball for the children to play with. He said, "Mom! Look at my crazy super excited face!"

We decided grabbing some cones and fun colored bouncy balls would be great for small kids. I'm thinking some Foursquare action! If you are interested in my shopping experience check out my Google+ Album


We also got Odwalla juice while shopping! This juice is stinkin' awesome! The bottle is eco-friendly and the juice puree is body friendly. I got really excited about this product. I have seen Odwalla, but I never tried it. Once I tried it, I was convinced that kids would love this product. My kids are already drinking puree juices, but I honestly never considered taking these juices to their sporting events and play dates. I always reach for *cough* those "traditional" juice drinks, like most moms on the go do.  Part of the Champions For Kids goal is to improve nutrition for children in the United States. Odwalla, one of the Champions for Kids "champions" is a product that provides better nutrition, a healthier alternative, to what most kids are consuming. I decided for the second half of my project I would head out to the ball fields and "ambush" some kids during their saturday games. I wanted to focus on kids making a healthy switch from standard chemical filled, reconstituted, from concentrate juice to VIBRANT and delicious Odwalla juice puree.



The ingredients in Odwalla aren't full of all sorts of frightening chemicals and additives. Odwalla also makes the point to provide their consumers with NON-GMO. This means no genetically modified ickies all up and through your lovely juice. This is a choice ANY mom can get behind.

Check out my video of kids trying Odwalla juice puree and their authentic reactions. If you are interested in Champions For Kids  , how to do a SIMPLE service project of your own or #OdwallaCFK Game Day Challenge check out the links. You can also follow Champions For Kids on Twitter and Facebook.



*This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias, but all of my opinions are my own.

Champion for Kids:: Odwalla® Game Day Challenge Pt.1 {Sponsored Post}

jasmine banks


Part of what I have talked about with Project Totus is the importance of finding whole foods that fuel my body and learning to appreciate physical activity and fitness that makes me feel good. My struggle with food, weight, and health began as a child... so when I heard about the chance to participate in the Odwalla® Game Day Challenge with Champions for Kids, #OdwallaCFK, I jumped on board! I got really excited about involving my kiddos in a SIMPLE service project that was based on healthy choices! SIMPLE as in: 1) pick out fun athletic equipment to donate to our favorite charity and 2) introduce young athletes to a better choice- Odwalla® juice! Childhood is the foundation for forming healthy habits for life, so when it comes to teaching our kids about nutrition it is helpful to have brands like Odwalla® backing us up! I've been fan of Naked® juice for years and only just discovered Odwalla®. One trip to their website and their initiative with Champions for Kids left me thoroughly impressed.

The kiddos and I headed to Wal-Mart® to pick out some athletic equipment to donate and also checked out our local Odwalla® selection while we are at it. I knew right away where to find Odwalla® juice. I've seen it in the refrigerated section before. We schlepped around for awhile...



I perused the  shelf stable juice aisle and was not shocked to find that nearly ALL of the juice items marketed to children are full of High Fructose Corn Syrup and ingredients that aren't great for little bodies!

But Odwalla® has whole food purees as their main ingredient. THIS is a perfect alternative to the sugar laden juices we are giving our children.

You can check out my Google+ Path to Purchase Experience HERE.

Health, Physical Activity and Whole Nutrition go hand in hand! If you haven't already, consider making the switch to a juice like Odwalla®  take the plunge!

To check out more about Champions for Kids go to their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter



We are going to donate our items to the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter (where our beloved co-author SADIE works !) and we are going to go the  soccer field in town to record some Odwalla® ambushes (but you'll have to tune in to our next post for that)!




This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias ALL of my opinions are my very own.