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Best Friends Since Before Birth

jasmine banks


The weekend of the SoFabCon I had a little cry alone in the bathroom, then I called my best friend. The conference was going swimmingly. I was crying because I had the thought, "I am missing Max's birthday!"  Sadie, my best friend, and I had not talked in several weeks. Other than our random insulting texts we'd not had time to connect. I with the SoFabCon and she with her demanding job at the local children's shelter. We got pregnant together.

NO SICKOS! Not LITERALLY in the same room.

We got pregnant together as in, we planned our second pregnancies together. She waited for me to get pregnant and then she got pregnant. Lets try not to hate her for her fertility magic, as I had to conceive Addy on Clomid.

I digress.

Max and Addy have been two peas in a pod since before birth. SO missing a birthday, for me, is a big deal.

I smiled as Max's little voice squeaked over the phone, "I ruv you! I'ms my burfday! Happy burfday to ME!" As it turns out, Sadie was waiting to have Max's party.

We celebrated Max this weekend. Such a beautiful and gentle boy. I love him in a deep way. I don't know if it is because I witnessed his first breath or because he has this cute way of putting his hands on his hips and tapping his toe... either way, I am smitten (and so is Addy!).


Happy Birthday Maxi!

Max 3rd birthdayMax and AddyMax in helmet