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Heather Davis "TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life"

jasmine banks


I had no idea who Heather was until I met her at Listen To Your Mother NWA. That is the cool thing about LTYM! It brings amazingly brave women together, women who might otherwise never know each other. Sure, Heather is funny as hell and smart too, but the thing that struck me most about Heather was her deep kindness. A couple of moments with her and you are able to see her unflinching dedication to her family and friends.... well, and chocolate. She has listened to my woes more than once and encouraged me through struggles. People like Heather are rare.

Heather is officially an author.  She wrote a book, "TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life,"  filled with stories about her zany (yes, I use the word zany sometimes!) adventures. I laughed. Her voice comes through the book and it is super entertaining! She also didn't care that I read most of it while sitting on the toilet (multiple sittings, y'all.... I don't take THAT long to do my business!)

You can also find Heather at (click image for link)



I like Heather and I hope you'll like her too. I like her so much that I am paying with MY OWN MONEY to give away a copy of her book. I think she is that awesome and that deserving of the spotlight.  Check out the rafflecopter below to enter to win a paperback copy of Heather's new book from Amazon! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Giveaway: The Price Is Right Live Stage Show at the Walton Arts Center

jasmine banks


When I was a little girl I thought the Bob Barker Beauties were awesome. They'd sashay around in heels and really nice makeup helping the contestants fulfill their dream of winning a sweet new ride or a vacuum. I loved the Barker Beauties!  Everyone loves a sweet polyester skirt suit!  I'd mimic Rod Roddy's voice, "come ooooooon dooooown," while sitting and watching "The Price Is Right" with my Grandma Mayfield. I think, almost, everyone has a memory about The Price Is Right. TPIRL_WHEEL

The Price Is Right is an iconic gameshow. From the font and name tags to Plinko, The Price Is Right has been seamlessly woven into the fabric of pop culture.


Leave it to The Walton Art Center to be awesome enough to bring a live stage show version of The Price Is Right to Northwest Arkansas!! Seriously, you guys. The Walton Art Center ups our cool factor every year. The folks over at the Walton are partnering with me to giveaway TWO tickets to The Price Is Right Stage Show, Thursday May 16th, 2013.

Wanna win? Just enter in the Rafflecopter Widget below. Winner will be chosen May 13th, at 8 am! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  



“WANT TO PLAY? NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of US, 18 years or older. Residents of New York, Florida, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico ineligible to participate as contestants.  Ticket purchase will not increase your chances of being selected to play. To register for the chance to be a contestant, visit  All registrations must be received by 12:00pm CMT on May 15, 2013.  Registration also available in the Walton Arts Center Main Lobby beginning three hours prior to show time.  For complete rules & regulations, including eligibility requirements, visit or call the venue box office. To enter theater to watch show, a ticket purchase is required. Appx: 60 prizes/show, ARV of all prizes: US$25,000.  Sponsored by Good Games Live, Inc.  Void where prohibited. Price is Right Live™ FremantleMedia Operations BV. © 2013 FremantleMedia North America. All Rights Reserved.”

* Walton Employees and Immediate family members are ineligible to win. Immediate family members include (per the producers definition): mother, father, spouse, children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, step-parents, step-children, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, grandchildren, and any relative or other person residing in the employee’s place of residence.




ChicaLogic Giveaway

jasmine banks

Back in April I got into a wreck. It was my first car collision and thankfully it wasn't my fault. Our new van was totaled :( I was sent to the ER with pre-term contractions and my laptop was smashed to bits. My totaled laptop left our family with a single computer. LORD HAVE MERCY! I thought I was going to lose my mind sharing a laptop with my husband. All of our school tasks, work, and leisure piled up on top of each in that laptop space... y'all, marriages could end because of men and women having to share technology! Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse Garrett's PC got some kind of wicked awful virus. It popped up millions of messages about random codes and never let you open an application. I TRIED to fix it. Pssh.... it was a megavirus and laughed at my meager attempts to disarm it. So I wiped the whole computer. EVERYTHING was lost. What is the point of my story? I SHOULD have had quality PC protection on our laptops. IF I had, things would be different. i.e. I would not be REdownloading all our software and photos, work and school documents, etc. Moreover, just as men and women are unique in other areas of life they also operate different in the realm of technology. So it makes sense that woman have a woman friendly product to serve her needs.

That is where ChicaPC-fix comes in!


FIVE readers have a chance to win a YEAR license with ChicaPC-Fix.

I installed the software on my home computer and not only was it easy to install, it was also quick and easy to understand!

All you have to do to enter is THIS: 


ChicaPC-fix is a very user friendly way to make sure your PC is healthy and ready for optimal usage. It helps your avoid impending crashes and cleans and fixes computer errors while extending the life of your PC.  What does it mean for your PC to be "healthy"???  Head over and take the free diagnostic to find out! PC HEALTH CHECK.

1) Tweet this:  “I entered <insert Twitter handle> #giveaway 4 @ChicaLogic- software 4 women by women 2 keep computers running smoothly” and leave a link to your Tweet in your comment

2)  Visit the ChicaLogic Tips & Tricks and share one helpful article in your comments
3)  Share a computer nightmare that ChicaLogic could have helped prevent

Make sure to leave a comment letting me know where you've mentioned ChicaLogic to enter the contest and spread the word. These are GREAT resources for the blogger, social media buff, or every day working mom's computer.