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Guess Dates and Prodromal Labor

jasmine banks

ALL DAY yesterday I had contractions, well kind of just cramping. We are six days passed guess date #1 and two days away from guess date #2. I really didn't think TOO much of the activity because, well... I learned earlier this month that it turns out I experience prodromal labor. Around three o'clock in the morning, I was really uncomfortable. I am having a homebirth with my wicked awesome midwife, so I knew I wanted to be home, rested, and ready to have this baby Xena the Warrior Princess style. IF I was going to be to rested, getting so close I figured I needed to try and get these "pointless" contractions to stop. We decided to go for an observation at the local hospital and see about getting some medical intervention to have the contractions stop (again I was believing  my cervix was still closed and the contractions were just prodromal). I got checked in, explained what I was experiencing, and got hooked up to all the flippin' anxiety inducing gadgetry. The nurse smiled at me and said, "Yeah, sweetheart, it sounds like more false labor so we will give you some meds to stop them and then you'll be able to finish out the rest of the pregnancy rested."

"SA-WEET!" I thought. The hospital staff knew I use a midwife and will be at home during the birth so they were very kind about me needing something. Protocol determined that I needed to be monitored for at least thirty mins. I waited, figuring that these piddly cramps I was having were just really nothin'. Then I saw THIS:

Resting I registered around a 12, then SUDDENLY the monitor would race upward and hang out around 70 or so. The nurse came in all extra bug eyed, "are you SURE those feel just like "cramps"?" "Yeah! I said..." Then I looked at the monitor, "Holy fuck! That is a high number!"

Real contractions.

So they wanted to check me. The vaginal examine went something like this, "last time you were seen you were only a 1 so I doubt anything has gone on but we need it for records." "MERCY! You are a three ALMOST a four!!" "Jasmine. We aren't going to stop these contractions, they are real and doing something. Congrats!"

This was followed by questions about use of Pitocin and so on and so forth. I declined Pitocin or, as I like to call it: that mean ass devil drug! Pitocin with my other pregnancies lead to really uncomfortable circumstances, so I am not a fan.

After another two hours worth of the same kind of contractions I asked to go home. They agreed it was slow going and if I didn't want Pitocin it could be awhile. So we are home, with the same contractions, maybe or maybe not doing something. Waiting till they get uncomfortable enough to call my midwife and set up the birth pool. It might stop, it might keep going, it might do something, it might not. That is the annoying and mysterious thing about birth- It is so NOT in my control. Not even a little. No matter how hard I try.

Also, prodromal labor has desensitized my body a bit and those contractions that dilated me to a three were uncomfortable, but not that bad. Huh! Who'dathunkit!

Lets hope for a baby in the next two days, y'all :)