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Tattoos for Good: Jennifer Billig & The Humane Society of the Ozarks


These are my thoughts, yo.

Tattoos for Good: Jennifer Billig & The Humane Society of the Ozarks

jasmine banks


I've met some amazing people in my life. Jennifer Billig is probably one of the those people on the top of that list... which is saying something, people, because I met Hanson AND and performed in a musical with  Brian Lane Green! I know, right!?

Jennifer is one of those gifted people of the world whose talent is only surpassed by her kindness. She is frank, approachable, strong, and a sucker for a cute puppy nose. She is, without a doubt, an artist. She is a woman who has lived such an intriguing life; meeting people from all walks of life and tattooing her way across their bodies. When you say congratulations for such an astoundingly beautiful body of work, she sheepishly looks to the floor with a nonchalant "thanks". I don't know if she truly understands the gravity of her kickassedness... which might be a good thing! If she did, none of us would be able to live with her massive ego.

In celebration of Jennifer's 20 years (!) as a tattoo artist she hatched the wicked awesome plan to do twenty-dollar animal themed tattoos and give all the proceeds to the local humane society. Jennifer and her partner are dog parents and deeply passionate about advocating kindness, love, and the humane treatment of animals. Covered in vegetable tattoos, Jennifer's dedication to her love of animals even extends into what she eats, or rather what she doesn't' eat. She unabashedly talks about the way her animals have her wrapped around their furry little fingers. I spent the better part of my day hanging in Brainstorm Tattoo watching Jennifer produce tattoo after tattoo. Only stopping for a moment to eat a quick lunch and get back to work, Jennifer smiled big about her excitement over being able to help the Humane Society of the Ozarks with the tattoo proceeds.  To support the cause I got a Victorian bunny tattoo, in honor of my mother in law. Which will turn out to be a deeply awkward tattoo should I ever divorce her son! ;)


If you wanna be awesome like Jennifer, consider donating to the Humane Society of the Ozarks to help support their cause to provide quality care and homes for animals. They have an amazing cruelty prevention program, adoption awareness program, and OH MY GOSH oh so adorable animals! Looking for a good place to invest your money? This is the one!  Also, if you are in the market for something permanently wonderful to put on your body, hit up Jennifer at Brainstorm.