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The Best Kind of Nostalgia:: Daisy Outdoor Products


These are my thoughts, yo.

The Best Kind of Nostalgia:: Daisy Outdoor Products

jasmine banks


I wasn't privy to the wonder that is "A Christmas Story" as a child. I was too busy watching things  like Bebe's Kids and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was a weird kid and A Christmas Story was removed from my paradigm. Imagine my surprise and wonder when my friends introduced the movie to me when Isaiah was a two year old. I watched the whole thing and belly laughed. Isaiah, then two, laughed as well. He sat transfixed at the movie... I was surprised that it held his attention so well considering how young he was. I finally understood why all my friends giggled at boxes marked "Fragile" and what was up with that Hallmark ornament of the white kid in the bunny outfit.

The whole plot of the movie revolves around Ralphie getting his Christmas wish, his Red Rider BB gun and the famous line, "You'll shoot your eye out..."


A week or so ago I got the chance to tour The Daisy Outdoor Products factory, home of the Red Rider BB Gun.

Northwest Arkansas is home to some really cool companies and this company is at the top of the list. I was nervous at first because I don't do the whole gun thing.

One moment talking with the kind people at the Daisy Outdoor Products and I was set at ease. They emphasize safety, education, and responsibility.


More than producing thousands and thousands of BB guns, this company clearly cares about its employees. I got the chance to have Polly, a five year employee, teach me what she does and how to build my very own Red Rider BB gun! She raved about how much she loved working for this company and how well they treat her and her fellow workers.


I built a Daisy BB Gun like a pro and was so impressed with the engraving.

I can't wait for the Christmas season when we get to sit down and watch A Christmas Story ... and I REALLY can't wait until Isaiah gets see what I made him while visiting Daisy. This piece of nostalgia is so amazing.


Thanks to the folks at Daisy for such an awesome experience!

Check out for yourself and be on the lookout for their Facebook page soon!


Did you have a BB gun as a kid? What memories do you? Did you know that the Daisy Red Rider BB Gun is MADE IN AMERICA? Cool stuff, huh?!