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The Biggest Loser Casting Announced: Should I Try Out?


These are my thoughts, yo.

The Biggest Loser Casting Announced: Should I Try Out?

jasmine banks


We all know I have food issues. Body issues. Food/Body issues. The funny thing is people look at me, notice I am overweight.... but don't think I am THAT overweight.  Project Totus was a great inspiration for lifestyle changes, my experience and Green Mountain at Fox Run even helped me nail down more of what is behind my binge eating episodes. Yet, I still struggle with large numbers on the scale. Again, people look at me and would never be able to guess (at least they say that can't tell) that according to the BMI I am morbidly obese. Sad face.

So when I saw the Biggest Loser casting call I wondered.... "Hmmmm. Should *I* try out?"  I am SUPER competitive, honest about what is on my mind, and bat shit crazy! How could THAT not make for awesome TV. In the process, maybe I could cement healthy lifetime habits and lose the weight? Maybe I could get the chance to make fun of Dolvett's HUGE mouth on camera? *Just kidding* I would never do that.... or WOULD I?! See! I am wildcard. Surely they would have to pick me and my awesome?

I know what the critics say. They retort, it is just a reality TV show.

I don't know.

I think it might be more than that. If anything what do I have to lose? Besides a ton of weight?

So whaddya think? Should I go to a casting call?



Feature image courtesy of NBC's Biggest Loser