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The Biggest Loser or BUST


These are my thoughts, yo.

The Biggest Loser or BUST

jasmine banks


I am in Hot Springs today. We left NWA yesterday morning at 3. On the way to Hot Springs our transmission went out. Which meant hanging out at a rest stop for an hour and then riding in the cab of a wrecker for 2 hours. Once we finally arrived I realized that I forgot to pack all of my toiletries, hair products, and underwear! Glamourous... it is how I like to live. Tonight I head to Kansas City, Kansas with Guppy ( what my kids call my mother-in-law). We plan to have a grand ole time hanging in KC awaiting Saturday, where I will attending the open call for The Biggest Loser. I was on the fence... but after talking to some close friends and awesome people, I decided to go for it.

I have everything ready to go and I pre-registered. I have family and life details worked out already in case I should be chosen. I hear they are looking for authentic people this year. Since I have a track record, track record, track record, track record of being authentic with the life experiences I have had/am having, I think I fit the bill. Also, have you seen this face? I am friggin' adorable! They want me on TV. Trust.

More than anything considering trying out for The Biggest Loser has sharpened the focus on my body and the importance of making healthy lifestyle changes. After having two kids in a row... my body is carrying a lot of weight that it doesn't need. Add emotional/binge eating, life stress, and emotional baggage and you've got the perfect storm. An Oreo Blizzard of a storm, if you will.... mmmmm... oreos.

I've read all of the past TBL participants info, I've tracked to see where they are and what they are doing. It seems that about 60% of the participants stay within 25 lbs of the weight they lost at the TBL Ranch. I know if I had the chance to participate I'd rock the hell outta those stats. I've never been one to let a percentile tell me what I can do or be... which is why it is time to make a concentrated effort to get back to a stable and healthy body weight with stable and healthy eating patterns.  Biggest Loser or not, a change is gonna come!


Wish me luck!