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These are my thoughts, yo.

The Calm Before the Creative Storm

jasmine banks

I have this thing that I do. Before I am able to produce something amazing there is a period before I start writing, drawing, giving birth ____________insert creative act here, that I just wait. It is not like I have writer's block or as though I can't work out what I want to do... it is maybe, like I am preparing. I think my mind needs space to hem in whatever has been churning around. It is the calm before the storm. I was this way when having kids. Right before labor really started I had a period where I was so very quiet. It was like my energy was collecting, getting ready to bring forth this powerful experience. Maybe it is writer's block? I don't know.

Either way, there is this period of time were I have all these ideas just floating around and then BAM! One day I sit down, put pen to paper (hands to keyboard) and my concept just flows out. This is how creativity works in me. It is how I have written all my best works.

How does creativity work for you?