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The Gentry Safari: I never thought I'd say that!


These are my thoughts, yo.

The Gentry Safari: I never thought I'd say that!

jasmine banks


I haven't "mommyblogged" in awhile. My life has been turned upside lately and 'busy' doesn't even cut it as a descriptor. Because of a difficult family situation (that I am unable to write about, yet) I have been trying to be purposeful about spending lots of quality time with my tiny ones. Which brings me to this here post. Last weekend Guppy (Garrett's mom) and I decided that it would be great fun to take the kidlets to the Gentry Safari. We drove through and let the kids walk about the van and tap on the windows at the various animals. Our experience started off with a bang. An Emu got up close and personal with our window. We had a zebra rub his nose on our window and leave snot streaks, a camel that was not amused by Addison's reprimands, and a Kinkajou that the Guppy kept referring to as a "Pikachu" regardless of how many times I explained:

No, Mom.... THAT is the character from POKEMON- not the rainforest mammal."



The two most notable experiences were:

1) The moment where I almost jerked Isaiah's head off his neck trying to cover his innocent eyes! A domestic house cat SOMEHOW found its way into the Mountain Lion cage. Guppy pointed out, "why is that house cat in that cage?!" Just in time, I caught a glimpse of the tiny white cat and SO did the Mountain Lion. She flattened her ears and lowered her shoulders. Isaiah was on my lap admiring the lovely animals. I quickly realized tiny white house cat was about to meet an untimely fate. I jerked Isaiah's head around as the Mountain Lion took off in a run....

The tiny white cat slid FAST AS HELL under a crack in the fence and I narrowly missed having to explain to Isaiah why the kitties weren't using kind hands to play.


2) The second memorable moment was when we were visiting the "Llama Llama" as Isaiah calls them. This Llama was hungry for some lovin' . We all stood together and touched the soft fur of the Llama.

As we were petting Senor Tequila the Llama an Emu came to butt in on the love fest. Well Senor Tequila was all, "Bitch nah!" and started spitting. He raised up on his back legs and began bucking poor Ernesto Emu and drove that Emu away. The Guppy and I were laughing about the chutzpha that Ernesto was showing in making sure he was the only love of our lives, and meanwhile Isaiah was squealing with delight. We looked over to notice Yonni the Yak and his steady urine stream. About the time that Yonni finished, Isaiah knelt down and attempted to splash in the urine puddle.


Lets not play in the Yak urine son....

What? Did I just say that? Sheesh. The things you say when you are a parent!