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These are my thoughts, yo.

The Picker- Yep, We Are Talking About Boogers

jasmine banks

The other night we decided to hang out in Fayetteville for awhile. On the way home Garrett wanted to stop at the liquor store because a certain one carries the independent beer labels that he loves. Since the kiddos were in the car I sat and supervised whilst he ran in to get beers that I, in my pregnant state, would drool over with a deep and unresolvable jealousy. The trip in was quick. He popped back into the vehicle in no time and we drove off. I was distracted looking out the window, laughing at BloggingDangerously's Twitter feed and blog and texting Mrs. Sadie Perkins... A couple of miles away from the store this conversation ensued:



*Distracted and not looking at Garrett* Me: Did you find some good ones?

Garrett: Nose boogeys?

Me: What the hell?!! NO? Sick! What are you talking about!

*I turn to him only to discover his index finger knuckle deep in his nose.*

Me: God Garrett! No! Gross! I was talking about the beer! But thanks for the update!

Garrett: Yeah. I found some good beers and some good boogers.


And there are days I wonder how my three year old has the capacity to say things like, "Mom... we need to get jiggy wit it." And then I remember who his father is and it all becomes clear.


Garrett suggested I title this post "Pick Roll Flick", and homage to stop drop and roll... what is wrong with him?