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These are my thoughts, yo.

The Trayvon Martin Verdict and White Privilege.

jasmine banks

"I didn't see that verdict coming" is what several of my Caucasian friends posted as the news tickers read "Breaking: Not Guilty" George Zimmerman pursued and then shot a young Black man, Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin was unarmed. You didn't see that coming? In a world where racial profiling isn't an issue you might not have seen that coming. In a world where we aren't groomed from a young age to believe that Black men are dangerous and up to no good, might allow you to not see that coming. To live in a world where Trayvon Martin's death leading to George Zimmerman's innocence shocks you is to live in a world of White Privilege. It says something about instances like these, when outrage and anger are very appropriate emotions that the rhetoric soon becomes, "stop being so angry, calm down, and trust the law".

Remember Black folks have felt the oppression of the law for some time now. Remember that "trusting the law" doesn't work for those who the law was designed to oppress and ignore. Find yourself for a moment and wonder WHY when situations likes this arise  people start talking about violence and riots- but when George Zimmerman shoots young Trayvon Martin we talk about self defense.

Cull the Black folks.

Calm down

Don't be so angry.  "Stirring up anger doesn't help anyone"  someone commented to me on Facebook.

So I don't get to be angry that George Zimmerman gets to walk and "justice is served" but when Trayvon walks he looks like he is up to no good? Our justice system serves its purpose??? Justice is more than a verdict provided by a jury of women raised in a country that taught them that archetypes like the hooded black man deserve to be shot because they are dangerous.

Get off the dime.

Your white privilege is showing.