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These are my thoughts, yo.

TheBrokins: Conversations Between Friends

jasmine banks

Some would say Sadie and I are well matched. In a sense, we live in our own creepy/strange world. Let me give you a great example. Here is a conversation that took place. For realz, we REALLY talk to each other like this. You may not want to read it, your head might explode from awesomeness...just sayin'  


Jasmine and Sadie talk shop:

Sadie: I am creating a dress code slideshow for work. Muahahahahahahaaha!

Jasmine: LOL

Jasmine: Will you say in the slideshow: "tattoos are allowed, just not wolf tattoos..." !!

Sadie: Bahahahahahahahahahahahaah! We have no policy against werewolves, strangely enough.

Jasmine: What are yall thinking. Yall HAVE to cover that in the policy..... zombie apocalypse too.

Sadie: Gawd I know! We are lucky that hasn't bit us in the ass yet. Or anywhere else!

Jasmine: LOL

Jasmine: Goofball

Jasmine: Also. Fuck you T9! ....Goofball is a REAL word!

Sadie: Hahaha! I did mention Zombies in the slideshow.

Jasmine: OH yeah? Also, I am totally bloggin this convo. Nothing is sacred anymore with me.