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jasmine banks

Yesterday was Norah's third birthday.

When she was born, I had all these expectations for who she would be. I'm sure that most parents do that, and I'm sure that most parents are wrong in their expectations. I know I was. Wrong wrong totally wrong. I never could have imagined how creative she is, how strong-willed, how funny and wild and unique. She is an amazing kid.

This was a good year for us. Just after Norah's last birthday, Max was born and we got to see Norah settle into her role as big sister. Its been fun to watch. Sometimes she gets frustrated with her brother, she will snatch toys from him and hide them, she'll get mad about something and think that pushing him down is a good way to express her anger. She can be a bully to her brother. But that's not the norm for her. Most of the time she likes to entertain him, she lets him dig through her toys and play with whatever he wants. She will find things for him to play with, share teeny pieces of her brownie with him, protect him from things he can choke on, dance and sing for him. Being a sister has brought out a gentleness in Norah that I was not expecting.

This year Rusty and I also re-committed ourselves to building a healthy marriage. Its been hard to do, especially with a newborn and a two year old, but it has been good and worth it.

This year Norah learned to use the potty, got her ears pierced, discovered Chuck E Cheese, and expressed an utter disdain for worms. A more recent development has been her love of potty humor. In fact, last night as we were taking a tour of the brand new children's shelter, my boss and my other boss asked her what she was going to have for her dinner, and little Miss Norah Pants shot back with "Um. I like poop! I'm gonna have poop for dinner! BAHAHAHAHA"

Gawd. Thankfully these women work with children and understand how utterly disgusting they can be.

I love this girl so much, sometimes so much I can't really wrap my head around it. She is a wonder and a mystery to me and I am so excited to see what this year has in store for us. Happy Birthday my Nori, my little love, my crazy pants girl.