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These are my thoughts, yo.


jasmine banks

I haven't been around lately much. Except on Twitter. I *clearly* have a Twitter addiction... I have been super dooper busy with lots of awesome things in the works: new writing opportunities, a new job (!), growing a fetus, grad school, raising two toddlers, getting Isaiah ready for preschool, attempting to figure out if Megan Fox is made of plastic... see. BUSY!

Tobias is almost here (HURRY THE HELL UP, JULY!) and we have been preparing ourselves emotionally and other-stuff-edly. Isaiah is REALLY excited about his new "brover" and Addison is still breastfeeding as if that Colostrum she is downing isn't giving her liquid diapers. She doesn't seem to care and I am almost certain I will be tandem breastfeeding in 6 weeks or so.

My husband, Garrett, graduated and is headed to Graduate school. SO proud of him!! Here is our awkward Grad photo for your enjoyment.









Our beloved Caitlin graduated too and will head to Culinary School soon!






I got my laptop, that was damaged in the wreck, replaced. I am the owner of a brand new MacBook Pro... and it frequently makes me feel dumb. For realz! I am all, "where the hell is the save button." I couldn't even right click until my sister in law gave me a tutorial. REALLY? A friggin' tutorial, to RIGHT CLICK! Come on MAC! Y'all need to simply this for people who are still struggling with figuring out their TV remotes and The Facebook.

Hope everyone is headed into Summer happy and healthy. We are and we are super excited to share some really great things with you this summer season. Stay tuned!!