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These are my thoughts, yo.

Waking Up White: A Resource for White Folks

jasmine banks

So many white folks are wondering what they can do when police violence and state sanctioned murder happens. I hear my white friends say, "I KNOW THIS WRONG... but what do I do?" Because white folks have spent so much time not seeing a problem and being fully integrated in a system that perpetuates violence through white supremacy it can be startling when they wake up. Now you are woke (even if only a little) and you are wondering how to balance the utter pain and disgust of the system you've existed (and thrived!) in while trying to figure out what the actual fuck to do. You were raised in that system and that system didn't exactly give you a primer on how to dismantle it. Sympathy is being removed from the situation and experiencing discomfort while experiencing protection. EMPATHY, however, is about connecting to that suffering through your humanity and experiencing it to a degree. This form of active empathy is an exchange of power. YOU CANNOT DO THIS WORK IF YOU DO NOT WANT GIVE UP SOMETHING. If you wish to keep your power, influence, money, etc intact--- just close this tab. You aren't ready and you don't want to do the work.


waking up white.-3