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Walton Arts Center Shrek The Musical {GIVEAWAY} :: The Magic of the Performing Arts


These are my thoughts, yo.

Walton Arts Center Shrek The Musical {GIVEAWAY} :: The Magic of the Performing Arts

jasmine banks


My elementary school teacher, Tana Frantz, took me to my first performing arts event. It was a piece called "Dancing In The Rain", being performed at the Gaslight Theatre in Enid, Oklahoma. I was starstruck.  The theater was small and old with huge velvet red curtains on the stage. My best friend Paige and I were invited by Ms. Frantz to attend the dance performance together and we chattered on about how "cool" we were. We sat in large theater seats and we struggled to keep the seat from flipping up with our tiny legs. The dancers were in black with yellow slickers. I remember the way they danced and gracefully unfurled their bodies in all sorts of striking stances. They spun in circles holding their umbrellas adorned with polka dots. Their movements were etched, forever, in my memory. After the show Ms. Frantz took Paige and me out for Sherbet ice cream at Braum's, but I was so anxious to get home so I could practice. During the performance I began to hatch all my plans to be a dancer/performer. I had a small pink umbrella that was just perfect to recreate the performance. I was going to be a dancer! This is the beautiful thing about The Arts: The Arts propel the imagination into places that we've never dreamed of. Our senses awaken and our brains expand. For moments in time we get to join with an artist to experience the execution of their vision. It is a rare gift.

A few weeks ago I took Isaiah to see STOMP courtesy of The Walton Arts Center. This was his first performing arts experience.

I didn't see much of the show. I was too busy watching him. His face was glowing and excited and he kept wanting to jump up to dance along with the STOMP cast. I was so eager for this to be the best experience ever. I wanted the same kind of nostalgia for him. I was elated when, at dinner after the performance, Isaiah announced he needed drum sticks to be a drummer. Just like I went home, grabbed my umbrella, and began mimicking the dance moves I saw that night with Ms. Frantz, Isaiah sat at dinner tapping and clanging the silverware determined to recreate his STOMP experience. This, friends is the pure magic of the performing arts.


The Walton Arts Center brings so many amazing opportunities to the people of Northwest Arkansas. The staff at WAC work hard to create culturally diverse  and unique experience for each person that walks through their doors. I have enjoyed amazing shows that the Walton Arts Center has hosted like Avenue Q, Guys and Dolls, The Hungry Caterpillar, and STOMP.

NOW it is YOUR chance to get in on a show with the Walton Arts Center. I am giving away two tickets to see Shrek: The Musical 


Shrek The Musical will be running from October 30th -November 4th at the Walton Arts Center. One of my lucky readers will have the chance to win two tickets to see the show either Oct. 30th or Oct. 31st.  Follow the directions of the Rafflecopter below and BEST OF LUCK! Also makes sure to check out for other amazing shows and performances in our area

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