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These are my thoughts, yo.

We Can't Go Back to Business as Usual

jasmine banks

Gay marriage! Hooray. No really! Hooray!!

 As soon as I *divorce G I am going to marry a woman, or maybe a gay dude.

I love love. 

I am extra cranky today and feel really jaded about life in general.  I've watched this funeral too many times. I want it burned into my soul. I want to remember.

My social media timelines are filled with completely justified and hard fought celebrations over SCOTUS' ruling. Marriage equality is a thing. I still feel the lingering heaviness of Charleston, though. I am happy for us, for America. The ruling is a step in the right direction... but I am still spinning from the last few weeks.  I have been intentional to take good care of myself, but I still feel that painful malaise of reality: equal isn't equal to everyone, so we still have work to do.

I am afraid that people will go back to business as usual. I am afraid the removal of flags and statues might just be another evolution for racism. We are cunning with our hate, after-all, and can reincarnate it into various forms. I am afraid we might think that today means we can lower our shoulders. We can't. We still have work to do.

There are churches being burned down. There are business owners and political leaders saying that they are going to take back America from the Gays, the Blacks, Crazy Feminist Women.  

I am in a mood. Maybe I am just tired.

We can't go back to business as usual, y'all. We have too much work ahead of us. So we can pause to celebrate, to renew hope in hard work, to high five each other and know that good can still be cultivated... and then we must set ourselves to the task. We can't fall asleep. We have farther to go.

*I was kidding about divorcing G (today). Lighten up, yo.