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These are my thoughts, yo.

What We Fear Most

jasmine banks

That we are bad That our needs are bad

That what we want or desire is too much

That we are lazy

That we are alone

That we won't measure up

That there won't be enough for us

That people would love us if they knew who we really were

That there is not enough forgiveness 

That we are unforgivable 

That we are too hard to love

That we aren't smart enough 

That we are lost

That we won't know what to do

That we will fail

That we aren't chosen 

That we have no power or control

That others will hurt us

That others will judge us

That others will hate us

That we will never feel better

That we don't know what real love is

That we aren't worthy of trust 

That we will never be validated 

That all of this is for nothing 

That we will be forgotten 

That they will believe things that aren't true about us

That we can't go back

That we can't start again

That we will never find companionship

That it will hurt too much

That we won't feel this way forever

That we won't remember 

That we will be left out

That we will be too afraid 

That we will be too sad

That we are altogether too much to love, to handle, to be of value