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These are my thoughts, yo.

Wherein Max Answers One of My Lifelong Questions

jasmine banks

Throughout my life there have been a few enduring questions that seem to follow me around, most never really answered, most just hanging around in my brain, all existential-like and gauzy. I imagine I will spend alot of my life indirectly trying to answer some of these big amorphous questions, that the answers and the process of finding the answers will be formative in helping me learn more about who I am. One of the big ones, one that I have really been struggling with for about three years relates to the idea of God's goodness and power, not an original question by any means. I have big questions about food and ethics and relationships and theology and motherhood. And for the last year there has been one question playing over and over in my head: Can a person really turn one year old before they have any teeth? Or does the first birthday just automatically postpone itself until the emergence of that first little chomper.

On May 3rd, 2011, Max answered the question definitively. You can have your first birthday before you have a single, solitary tooth in your noggin.

Since his birth Max has been a healing force in both my heart and our family as a whole. He is a smiling little toothless man, he crawls around growling and yelling and heads back to me every so often for revitalizing snuggles. He sucks his thumb. His hair is curly on the back of his head, and when he smiles and his cheeks puff and his eyes squint he looks exactly like my dad. He has a dimple in his cheek and a freckle on his belly.


I love this boy hopelessly. And he has no teeth.