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These are my thoughts, yo.

Who Told You That You Aren't Allowed To Speak

jasmine banks

Who told you that you aren't allowed to speak. If what you speak is what you've seen who can dissuade you? Are you less than him or she or they who clucks along unhindered? Who told you that you aren't allowed to speak. They wanted you to keep their family secrets? To be too afraid to wake sleepers complacent in their sleep.

They wanted you to bear the weight of all that had been? Did you acquiesce to the demand?

You cannot control a reaction, an opinion, a thought. A glance. You cannot dam up the tides of others. Besides, some of that moves your direction by happenstance.

Stop acting so small and embrace your own voice. Straighten up your spine and say what you think.

Consequences happen and outcomes will be. You will be.

Who told you that you aren't allowed to speak? Please speak. You might be creating bravery for me.