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Your Love for Mothers of the Movement is Bullshit


These are my thoughts, yo.

Your Love for Mothers of the Movement is Bullshit

jasmine banks

  Quality of Black Lives

We know about political and social theater. We get it. I FUCKING GET IT.

Sit down. We need to talk.

So you posted about how "moving" Mothers of the Movement was. They brought you to tears. You cheered. You shouted 'amen'. You were inspired.

I hate you.

Fine. I don't hate you. I am just angry AF that you are more inspired by our death than our life. I need you to realize that you are contributing to the harm of Black women with you behavior toward Mothers of the Movement.

But how Jasmine? HOW? I LOVE them. I am INSPIRED by them. They MOVED me.


Do you realize that you are cheering, lauding, and feeling inspired for women who have to put their deep deep loss on display for millions and millions to see.  Is THIS what Black women have to do in order to be inspiring? We can't just do every day general shit. We gotta have otherworldly strength to bear our most painful stories for you to consume. Why do you consume us so? Do you see that you are participating in the political theater fueled by the suffering of Black women? Do you realize that you are supporting the continuation of the Strong Black woman myth. Do you realize that you are supporting the continuation of magical and wise Black woman myth?


Can you show up for us when LIFE is happening rather than death? Can that inspire you? Your words are problematic. You aren't here for our lives, but you want to mourn and feel inspired by our death. You sensationalize our deaths to the exclusion of actually showing up for our LIVES. The QUALITY of Black lives matters. Your sole task should not be about keeping us from dying but rather providing resources that augment Black folks living well. What you witnessed with Mothers of the Movement should HURT YOU not INSPIRE you.