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Coaching Coursework

Thrive Coursework

Below is the coursework for each week of your restorative justice coaching. If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to  contact Jasmine via the contact form.

Course 1 Grief.png

Grieving the Losses 1

We are not taught how to deal with our grief. This week's course work prepares us to acknowledge what systems of oppression have stolen from us, how our most meaningful relationships have been impacted, and preparing pathways for grief.

Course 2.png

Establishing Safety 2

We cannot do transformational work when we do not feel safe. Our bodies and brains are too busy trying to fight or flight.  This week's course work helps us to explore what helps us feel safe, what safe person looks like, and why safety is foundational to grieving and moving forward into revolutionary change.

Course 3.png

Messages About Me 3

We learned a lot from systems of harm about who we are and who others are. This week's course work is about untangling the false perceptions, myths, and over exaggerations of self that lure us into acting out domination and violence on ourselves, on those we love, and on our communities at large.

Course 4.png

In order to confront systems of oppression and experience personal and collective restoration... we must FEEL the feelings.

Course 4-2.png

We are moving from our head to our heart in this next assignment. What we believe about ourselves and our participation in systems of oppression matters.