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For White Allies

Individual and group coaching for white allies seeking to address the social-emotional impacts of internalized white supremacy and anti-Black racism.


Restorative Justice Coaching

We are socialized to believe that healing and restoration are not possible. We are told we will always be broken. We are made to believe that we must always operate from a place of fear. Restorative justice coaching is a pathway for writing new narratives about ourselves, our relationships, and our world while engaging in racial solidarity work.


Our self

Our most valuable relationship is the one we have with ourself. Capitalism, Patriarchy, and White Supremacy social white folks to enact violence upon themselves and their communities. This framework is based on fear of scarcity, punishment, and internalizing narratives of superiority and domination that limit the individual's access to empathy and the fullness of their humanity.

Our Relationships

Capitalism, Patriarchy, and White Supremacy steal deep and meaningful relationships from us. These systems of harm set us up to compete and extract from one another, rather than work in collaborative regeneration. Developing justice-based narratives to replace the fear-based responses in our relationships can lead to transformation and healing.

Our World

What world are you living in? What future are you building? As you experience restoration and healing in yourself and your relationships, we move to define your future hopes and make concrete plans to transition beliefs and behaviors to reflect a world where justice is centered.

Each racial solidarity cohort contains 3-5 people who've indicate that they are interested in exploring and transforming the social-emotional aspects of allyship through racial solidarity. Each cohort meets for 3-6 months (depending on the individual and collective goals of the cohort).

During this time we will:

  • Evaluate family of origin messages and "rules" that enforced systems of harm in covert/overt ways
  • Determine internalized messages from formative years that impact the way we conceptulize relationships with justice and anti-oppression work
  • Experience grief work and empathy building
  • Determine how to develop practices that increase our tolerance of discomfort
  • Determine how to shape new racial identities apart from systems of harm and domination
  • Establish daily practices to turn the work into long term habits of transformation

During the 3-6 month cohort you'll also receive:

  • group feedback and peer direct peer support
  • individual feedback from the coach
  • printable resources related to untangling the social-emotional impact of systems of harm
  • 1 hour weekly video chats with cohort
  • 30 min bi-weekly individual video chat with the coach 

At the end of each cohort individuals will have opportunity to build plans of action for deepening their work, a chance to extend their work as a collective, or receive extended individual coaching.

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